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Owen’s Wax Museum

There are many ways to teach students. Owen Elementary is using a wax museum to incorporate peer education. Peer education allows students to help each other learn by taking the lead in explaining the material while acting as a historical figure. This ensures they have a deep understanding of the material.

The students were given a month to prepare a board and speech on an influential figure. They then dress up and present that information to fellow students, parents and staff members.

5th grader Anthony Oseguera had the opportunity to present a very special person at the wax museum. Anthony was the great Walt Disney and he got a lot of attention for his portrayal of the animator.

Walt Disney is best known for pioneering the American animation industry. He has been a major inspiration to Anthony. Anthonys favorite Walt Disney quote is, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Anthony shared that his dream is to end world hunger.

"I watched Mickey Mouse a lot as a kid. It's what inspired me to do Walt Disney, said Anthony. This was more than a project for Anthony, and his speech showed it. He knew a lot of information on Walt Disney and was so excited to share it with others.

"Most of the little kids probably don't know about him, but he made a lot of great learning cartoons, said Anthony. He dressed the part as well as he played it. Anthony wore a nice blue suit that gave him a very prestigious look, very similar to Walt Disney.

The wax museum was a huge success, and Anthony was a crowd favorite. He has a lot of advice for other students doing this project. "When you start doing this project get ahead as much as possible, also take your time on the speech", said Anthony. "It takes time to do the project and you don't want to have to rush through it."

All of the students were very engaged and excited during the wax museum. There was so much learning going on, the students stepped up to the challenge and excelled in sharing what they learned with others.